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22 November More REneweconomy News

  • Queensland’s election – what do the energy numbers say?
    I hate to break the news, but north Queensland will not be getting a new coal fired power station if the LNP are elected on Saturday.
  • First turbine erected at Mount Emerald Wind Farm
    Ratch Australia Corporation announced the completion of the first wind turbine at the Mount Emerald Wind Farm near Walkamin today after the three 16 tonne blades, each 57m long, were positioned in place atop a 90-metre tower.
  • ICO and ACCIONA sign a loan agreement for 75 million Australian dollars to finance the construction of a wind farm in Australia
    The new wind farm, which will come on stream in the second semester of 2018, has a total capacity of 132MW. The electricity generated by the facility will all be sold in the wholesale market.
  • 100% renewables “cheaper, less risky” than building new coal: ATA
    ATA report says a 100% renewable grid by 2030 not just doable for Australia, but cheaper and safer than building new coal plants.
  • Solar and storage peak bodies rebrand as Smart Energy Council
    Solar and storage bodies create Smart Energy Council to better reflect merger of solar, storage and smart software technologies.
  • Plunging cost of solar means peak coal looms in India
    New modelling predicts India is within a decade of peak coal demand for the power sector. This is sooner than anyone has predicted.
  • The climate science denial promoters behind Queensland’s energy scare election headlines
    In the final week before an election, the biggest-selling newspaper in the Australian state of Queensland screamed a front-page headline that cut into one of the poll’s most divisive issues.
  • Coalition’s NEG aims to engineer an early death for big solar
    So long solar. NEG design assumes no large scale solar investments in Australia for at least eight years – despite recognition that large scale renewables responsible for most bill reductions.
  • National Energy Efficiency Awards 2017
    Corporate leadership, individual excellence and energy efficiency innovation have been recognised and awarded at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2017.
    • Coughing up for coal-fired power
      If Australian tax payers are made to cough up for a new coal plant in north Queensland, locals will also be coughing up – literally.
    • LNP, One Nation would force Queensland energy prices up; Greens, ALP down
      New report says LNP and One Nation support for uneconomic coal fired power station would force prices up in Queensland, and add to system security risks.
    • Darth Vader or not, the Tesla truck changes everything
      With the Tesla truck, Elon Musk has torn down the final frontiers of the campaign against the clean energy transition: cost. And it matters little whether Tesla itself can pull it off – it has already turned two trillion-dollar industries upside down.
    • Australia to lead storage boom, as home batteries become “ubiquitous”
      BNEF report names Australia among 8 countries to lead global energy storage boom, with market forecast to double six times over between now and 2030.

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