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USA plan to bury Radioactive Waste in Canisters Known to Crack and Leak in Less Than 20 Years! 

SCE Plans Beach Burial of San Onofre Radioactive Waste in CanistersKnown to Crack and Leak in Less Than 20 Years!, November 22, 2017  EDITED FROM A PRESS RELEASE

Nuclear Hotseat , a nuclear awareness podcast, has cautioned about a burial plan for burial of highly radioactive waste near the high tide location of the Pacific Ocean.

This Week’s Featured Interview:  

  • Donna Gilmore of reports on Southern California Edison’s plans to bury 1,800 tons – that’s 3,600,000 pounds <!> of high-level radioactive waste on the Pacific Ocean a mere 36 yards from high tide in canisters that are known to crack and leak.  Each one contains a Chernobyl’s worth of radiation less than 70 miles  

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