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Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) – Australia has enough electricity for summer

Australia has enough power for summer: AEMO, The Age, Cole Latimer, 28 Nov 17, 

The chance of major summer blackouts has been cut as energy operators have found extra power for the east coast.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has added almost 2000 megawatts of additional power for the summer ahead, which it says will more than replace the 1600 megawatts taken offline after Victoria’s Hazelwood brown coal-fired power station closed in March…….
AEMO has now secured additional power to plug these forecast energy holes, and prepared the National Electricity Market – comprising Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and NSW – for the summer ahead.

“AEMO is confident that we have taken all the necessary actions – and then some – to make sure we are ready,” AEMO chief executive Audrey Zibelman said.  “We now have a range of dispatchable resources that can be used to strategically support the market as required, including battery storage, diesel generation and demand resources,” she said…….

More than 1000 megawatts of generation has been secured through demand response programs and the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) mechanism, which encourage major power users to reduce their energy consumption during peak demand times.

Home consumers have also been encouraged to reduce their consumption, although AEMO expects demand to stay stable……..


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