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Significant wins by the Greens for the nuclear free cause in South Australia

Mark Parnell MLC , Parliamentary Leader, Greens SA, 6 Dec 17, 

The last couple of sitting weeks of the year in State Parliament have been huge, and the Greens have had some significant wins

A win for democracy

My amendment to the South Australian Constitution to make it fairer to all parties and candidates passed both Houses of Parliament. Under the mis-leadingly named “fairness clause” in the Constitution, the boundaries of electorates were required to be rigged so that one of the two major parties would form a government.  This is despite the fact that a growing number of South Australians don’t vote for either of the old parties.

For elections beyond 2018, the review of electorate boundaries will have regard to population, one-vote-one-value, geography, communities of interest and other relevant factors but won’t be artificially rigged to favour the old parties.  The Greens have ensured that future elections will be more democratic and better reflect the will of the people of South Australia.

No more public money to spruik nukes

A big majority in Parliament passed my Greens Private Members Bill to prohibit the Government spending public money on spruiking the benefits of nuclear waste dumps in SA.  We won the campaign against the high level international nuclear waste dump but we still have the national dump proposed for the Flinders Ranges and Kimba.  Not only are these dumps illegal in SA, but now it is also illegal to use public money to encourage or finance nuclear waste dumps……..

Biodiversity can no longer be ignored

Another Greens’ Bill that passed last week ensures that biodiversity is properly considered in all planning decisions.

There is a real crisis in biodiversity in South Australia, which is under threat from many sides including loss of habitat and climate change. Whilst passing a law for a new State Biodiversity Planning Policy won’t fix the problem overnight, it sends an important message to State and Local Governments that they can’t ignore the natural environment when making decisions about development or rezoning land.

Can SA be 100% renewable?

Absolutely! Despite attempts by some opportunistic MPs to blame renewable energy for the Statewide electricity blackout last year and other weather-related outages, a Parliamentary Inquiry has found that renewable energy was not to blame.  What’s more, there is now a clear pathway to achieving 100% renewable energy in South Australia.  The key is to use wind and solar energy backed by batteries, pumped hydro and solar thermal storage.  This is achievable without compromising system reliability, security and affordability for consumers. With our State’s national leadership on renewables and our fantastic wind and solar resources, the future is looking bright. My report is at p.42 of the Committee’s Report.

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