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Glencore’s “non profit” group and the plan to pollute the Great Artesian Basin

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 17 Dec 17 

“A PLAN to capture and store liquid CO2 in the Precipice Sandstone Aquifer of the Great Artesian Basin has been bluntly opposed by a room of 50-odd landholders at an information session in Wandoan.

The “non-profit” wholly-owned subsidiary of Glencore, Carbon Transport and Storage Company spent two hours on Tuesday afternoon informing the community of their proposed plan to drill 1300m underground into the aquifer and inject CO2 in the form of a “supercritical liquid”, with half the density of water.

The project is still in its infancy, with another six years of modelling and technical studies to get through before a trial injection can even be contemplated in 2022.

If the trial does go ahead in 2022, 60,000 tonnes of liquid CO2 would be injected into the aquifer from a Glencore-owned property 15km west of town for three years to determine the feasibility of a larger-scale project.
The liquid CO2 would dissolve into the aquifer’s water, acidifying it to a pH of 5. Water has a pH of 7.
The acidified water would form a plume.”…/landholders-vow-…/3104799/


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