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22 December REneweconomy News

  • Coalition, Labor, Greens and the future of energy in 2018
    We asked Josh Frydenberg, Mark Butler and Adam Bandt to share their predictions for 2018 and what’s important. This is what they said.
  • After 8.3 million page views in 2017, we’re taking a short break
    It’s been a stellar year for news, readership, podcasts and feedback. We’d like to thank our readers and supporters. We’ll be back soon.
  • Stockyard Hill wind farm locks in finance after setting record low price
    Three local banks agree to finance 530MW Stockyard Hill wind project in western Victoria, validating its record low price for wind project in Australia.
  • Telstra signs up for 429MW wind farm, at stunning low cost
    Telstra, ANZ lead consortium to buy output from new 429MW wind farm, and lock in similar low price achieved by Origin earlier this year.
  • Tesla big battery leaves rule-makers struggling to catch up
    Tesla big battery’s dramatic intervention after Loy Yang trip, and a separate 0-100MW injection in just 140 milliseconds, illustrates yawning gap between technologies and market rules. The future is here, but market rule makers are not ready for it.
  • Costs double for Turnbull’s Snowy 2.0 plan to push coal uphill
    Snowy 2.0 or Snow Job? Costs for Turnbull’s pet scheme more than double, the economics are kept secret, and project may do little more than use coal power to push water up hill unless Coalition seeks more wind and solar.
  • Tesla, Trump, Turnbull and the troglodytes: The best stories of 2017
    The death spiral for cars; Tesla’s Big Battery – and electric truck; the two faces of Malcolm Turnbull; and all the other stories that caught our readers’ attention this year.

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