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A call for rigourous examination of ANSTO’s nuclear emissions

Brett Burnard Stokes Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 27 Dec 17 

I am working on a challenge for ANSTO/ARPANSA and Chief Scientist Finkel.

Finkel says nuclear reactors are “zero emissions” … ANSTO admits to “controlled emissions” which include Iodine131 and other radioactive poisons.

ANSTO/ARPANSA employee Solomon has published assurances of safety in the event of a Lucas Heights “accident”, with no consideration of health effects other than cancer.

Australian women experience 100,000 miscarriages per year – most of these are unexplained and some could be the result of Iodine131 poisoning.

ANSTO/ARPANSA rely on the unproven hypothesis that there is no impact on any of the pregnant women who are unknowingly exposed to the “controlled emissions” from Lucas Heights.

The unproven hypothesis is supported by dodgy data from a dodgy 70 year old military operation in occupied Japan at the start of the Cold War, and a set of techniques to average and minimise predicted impacts … plus an avoidance of real world data.

Real science would not avoid the question, real science would seek a way to measure real things and test the hypothesis.

I am proposing a small budget rapid research exercise to look at
(a) dates and locations of miscarriages in Australia
(b) dates and wind conditions for Lucas Heights emissions.

Can anyone help me improve or progress this new idea?


December 27, 2017 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, health

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