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Very few Australians approve of Turnbull’s climate “policies” – poll shows

Ipsos poll: Only 18 per cent think Turnbull government is doing a good job on climate change, SMH, Matt Wade, 26 Dec 17,  One in two Australians believe climate change is already damaging the Great Barrier Reef and causing more extreme storms, floods and droughts.

But only 18 per cent think the Turnbull government is doing a good job tackling global warming, a new poll has found.

An annual survey by Ipsos, which has probed public opinion on climate change for the past 12 years, shows eight in 10 agree human activity is contributing to climate change – 42 per cent say humans are mainly or entirely responsible while 38 per cent believe climate change is caused partly by humans and partly by natural processes.

Just 3 per cent of respondents think there is no such thing as climate change, a share that has hardly shifted during the past decade. ………

Those aged less than 50 are much more likely to think climate change is mostly or entirely caused by human activity than those aged over 50.

Australians are sceptical about letting market forces alone determine how much power is generated from renewable sources. Only 27 per cent supported a deregulated, “market only” approach with no national target for the uptake of renewable energy.

Seven in 10 were in favour of the federal government setting a national target for renewable energy use (32 per cent strongly support this) with just 15 per cent opposed…..


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