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Let’s make Australia Day one we can all share

By Tammy Solonec, Amnesty International Australia’s Indigenous Rights Manager, 21 December 2017

‘Over the past couple of years,  Amnesty has supported #ChangetheDate by giving people a platform
to speak on why they choose not to celebrate on 26 January.

‘Now we are taking a step further, and asking you stand with us in solidarity  with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across this country.’

‘Australia Day should be for all Australians, but for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
who mark the day as one of invasion, survival and mourning,
26 January is not a day for celebrations.  ‘We need to move to a date that is inclusive of all Australians.

‘Although Australia Day has only been officially nationally celebrated since 1984,
protesting on 26 January is not new for Aboriginal people.

‘Protests about the celebration of Australia Day on 26 January date all the way back to the 1800s.

‘In 2018, Amnesty will be calling on our leaders to acknowledge this plight
and start a consultation process to change the date of Australia Day
so it can be celebrated by all Australians.

‘Over recent years, momentum to change the date has grown.

‘Some local councils in Western Australia, Tasmania and Victoria have amended their celebrations,
and there has been extensive debate in the media..

‘This year on 26 January there were large public protests across the country. … ‘
Read more of Tammy Solonec’s informative, action-oriented & comprehensive article:


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