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Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Protection Agency (ARPANSA) all about protecting the nuclear industry?

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA Jan 18 Dr Carl Magnus Larsson is the CEO of ARPANSA, and the man that signs off on a nuclear waste dump, but has he a vested interest in the proposal to abandon such waste?

Is ARPANSA wrongfully regulating and promoting the project? Why did ARPANSA fail to address the safety issues at Lucas Heights that Comcare bought to their attention?
Why does ARPANSA have trouble dealing with people in group discussions?

Is ARPANSA being strong-armed by DIIS, and ANSTO to push a radioactive dump on a community of unwilling people?
Is ARPANSA listening to the majority that are saying “NO”?
Is ARPANSA insensitive to native heritage.?  Is ARPANSA ignoring the science of nuclear waste being abandonment in a environment that fails on all the criteria put forward by DIIS?
Is ARPANSA honest and forthcoming with all the issues pertaining to the toxic proposal?

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