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Latest pro nuclear push in Australia shows the split in the nuclear industry

When they resuscitate Ziggy Switkowski to promote nuclear, and when Anti-Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg comes out of his quiet environmental closet to promote nuclear  – you know that the nuclear lobby is having a serious attempt to persuade Australians.

Trouble is – the global nuclear lobby mightn’t be so happy about this.

They do pretend to be a professional, unified, competent force in the world. But not really. Small Nukes better shut up as Big Nukes will not tolerate them being successful, might  allow them in only as a foot in the door for Big Nukes

With giant companies like Toshiba, AREVA, EDF, China National Nuclear Corporation, Rosatom determinedly pushing their “conventional”nuclear reactors -there’s no likelihood that they are going to let new “little” nukes take over.  They tolerate the media acrobatics of the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor  companies – just as long as those companies claim (pretend) to be helping them.

In reality, there’s an absolute dispute between the two.

Australian politicians seem to be easily sucked in by the propaganda antics of the Small Nukes lobby –

January 12, 2018 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Christina reviews, spinbuster

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