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Brett Stokes – a reminder about ANSTO and its zeal for the nuclear industry

Brett Burnard Stokes about ANSTO 15 Jan 18 
(a) government backed nuclear corporation ANSTO are spending lots of money to establish a nuclear waste dump in South Australia,

|(b) there are laws in SA against nuclear waste dumps (see ) including a provision that no public money be spent promoting nuclear waste dump.

(c) in contempt of SA laws, ANSTO has spent millions of dollars of public money on propaganda campaigns in South Australia, targetting various places with three sites active now, two in Kimba and one in the Flinders.

(d) ANSTO have run polling a while back, where the results were pretty marginal … and way short of “clear local consent” to proceed.

(e) ANSTO want to pretend that there is “clear local consent” so they are lying and also changing the rules,

(f) ANSTO have dodgy expansionary business plans involving huge export earnings from “medical isotopes” they plan to make at Lucas Heights.
If they do this, it will produce a lot of waste that they do not want to keep at Lucas Heights where there is room.
The business plans are dodgy on many levels.

(g) ANSTO are bullies with lots of cash.

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