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The Anti-Nuclear Coalition South Australia’s survey of political candidates and MPs

Antinuclear Australia and associated social media will be following with interest the responses of South Australian election candidates to this very important survey

Dear [candidate or MP]

In 2017 South Australians were asked to consider a number of nuclear options for our state.  With a State election to be held this year we consider that it is appropriate for all candidates contesting the election to clarify their position on nuclear issues.

Thus we respectfully ask all candidates for the S.A. 2018 election to provide answers to the questions on the accompanying Survey.  These questions relate to the policy you will take to the election on :

.uranium mining in S.A.?

.a national nuclear waste dump in S.A.?

.nuclear for defence industry?

.nuclear power generation?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to answer these questions by circling the appropriate responses on the included survey form.

Thank you for your participation. Mnem Giles (for Anti-Nuclear Coalition SA)  PO Box 504  MontacuteSA       5134




please circle either YES or NO for each of the following questions


  1. Expansion of uranium mining in S.A.? YES        NO
  2. Nuclear power generation in S.A.? YES        NO
  3. A storage facility in S.A. for international nuclear waste ?                            YES       NO
  4. A storage facility in S.A. for Australian nuclear waste?                                 YES       NO
  5. Increased isotope production at Lucas Heights for international market? YES       NO
  6. Construction of nuclear powered submarines in S.A.?                                   YES         NO
  7. Australia signing the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons? YES      NO

8  Upholding S.A.’s  Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000 in the

case of the Federal Government wishing to impose a nuclear waste dump ?   YES       NO

Please return this form to:

The Anti-Nuclear Coalition SA

using the enclosed addressed envelope.



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