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Corrupting influence of Adani spreads

 Photo: Activists from Frontline Action Against Coal joined Townsville residents in protesting outside a meeting of Townsville Council on January 23.’

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Margaret Gleeson  January 27, 2018

‘The continued support for the project by Labor and Coalition forces in Queensland and Canberra,
in the face of the growing likelihood of the project achieving “stranded asset” status
as sources of financing dry up, raises the question: “What is in it for the pollies?” …

Townsville resident David Lowe told Green Left Weekly:

“Council would be surprised how many people in Townsville oppose the Adani mine.
There are high levels of scepticism about how many jobs would be generated
and the timing of these alleged jobs.

“Locals well understand the impact the mine would have on the Great Barrier Reef
and are determined to do what they can to protect the reef and
the nearly 70,000 jobs dependent upon a healthy reef.

“Climate experts have told us we can have the reef or the mine; we can’t have both.
Throwing money at imaginary ‘reef fixes’ is pointless if Australia
continues to allow the main cause of the problem — fossil fuels — to be used.” ‘

Read more of Margaret Gleeson‘s informative, interesting & well-researched article:


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