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Women take the lead in Australia’s energy revolution

Changing the face of energy, The Age, Cole Latimer , 7 Jan 18 Australia’s energy sector and National Electricity Market is undergoing the largest transition in its history, both in the makeup of the grid and the face of this change.

Leading the char7bringing their experience in the utilities space and beyond to the fore as the energy sector sees industry-wide disruption.

  • Unlike many industries in Australia, energy has a strong representation of women at the top levels.

    Kerry Schott and Clare Savage at the Energy Security Board; Audrey Zibelman at the Australian Energy Market Operator; Paula Conboy at the Australian Energy Regulator, and Catherine Tanna at the helm of EnergyAustralia are just some of the women making an impact at the heights of Australia’s energy sector………

  • Australian Energy Market Operator chief executive Audrey Zibelman said while she didn’t start in energy, she cut her teeth in renewables and soon expanded that experience to revolutionise New York’s public service utilities and bring reform to the industry.

    Ms Zibelman said she finds the space one where she can make a difference on a grand scale.

    “Our job is providing public benefit, and the people who work in this space have a real public spirit, they love the challenge, what they do, and how it can have a huge impact,” she said.

    “There are few opportunities – in other careers – to say you can impact so many people every day, all day. It’s hard to find any industry where you can find both [that public benefit and impact].”

    Ms Zibelman believes that the current energy landscape is one in which women can thrive, as it faces its greatest challenge in its history.

    “We’re seeing women increasingly taking roles in energy leadership,” she said.

    “For myself, in general, we’re seeing an industry undergoing a massive change transition.

  • “What I feel is that when it comes to women in energy leadership roles, we’re risk takers, and willing to challenge traditional thinking,” she said.

    “Also, we’re collaborators, and women are able to create these social networks.”

    Much like Audrey Zibelman, Energy Security chairman Board Kerry Schott didn’t start in the utility industry, but similar to Ms Zibelman, she has become one of Australia’s leading lights in this industry……….

  • The one thing they all agreed on is the need to work towards greater efficiency in the energy space, both in terms of evolving the National Electricity Market and the way in which more renewables are introduced into Australia’s energy generation mix.

    Ms Zibelman said Australia’s real focus ahead should be on how to create a more reliable system with variable generation, such as wind and solar, as well as hydro and demand response……..

  • As these women helm the energy sector during its great transition, it sets a benchmark other Australian industries can follow.

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