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Keep Lucas Heights nuclear waste at Lucas Heights, for the safety of all Australians

Paul Waldon Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, January 31Security of nuclear waste is being eroded, now is the time to beef it up, and Lucas Heights is the safer venue than outback South Australia for holding radioactive waste.

Over the years there have been explosives found at reactor sites, arson with many millions of dollars damage, a guerrilla band had taken control of one reactor site, incendiary device detonated at another, bombs explode that were planted at one site, and even a person walk past a security check point with a bazooka while with a group of tourists, not to mention a derelict reactor had uranium fuel rods stolen, and it doesn’t seem to end.

The Rosenbaum report, “In recent years the factors which make safeguards a real,imminent and vital issue have changed rapidly for the worse.Terrorist groups have increased their professional skills, intelligence networks, finances, and levels of armaments throughout the world.”
Security is failing and to place radioactive waste in a region of poor security is the wrong measure to be taking.

Keep it at Lucas Heights for the safety of all Australians.

February 1, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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