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Adani’s threat to Australia’s most valuable water source

 Margaret Gleeson, 2 Feb 18,   ‘Last year almost 90% of Queensland was drought declared.
For farmers and graziers struggling for survival  this meant increasing reliance on groundwater. …

‘The impact of Adani’s Carmichael coalmine, in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, on groundwater
and the Great Artesian Basin were key aspects of the objections to the mining approvals. …

‘The impact of water use in the development and operation
of the mine is significant by virtue of its sheer scale. …

‘In April last year, Adani was granted an unlimited water licence for 60 years. …

‘Local farmers were outraged. “It’s bloody-minded and barbaric,” said Bruce Currie,
a grazier who lives in the region and has joined legal action against Galilee mines.
“This is going to definitely impact on the integrity of [the Great Artesian Basin].” …

‘Carmel Flint, a campaigner for anti-mining group Lock the Gate, said
the open-ended water licence for Adani amounted to a “free kick” to take water
from important aquifers such as the Dunda Beds and Clematis Sandstone formations.

‘Water from the Great Artesian Basin “is just essential for farming communities” she said.
“Without the water, their businesses are basically finished.” … ‘

Read more of MargaretGleeson‘s informative, insightful, interesting & well-researched article here:

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