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Danger to communities along the path of nuclear waste transport

David Lowry, Watford Observer 5th Feb 2018 
Five years ago today Cumbria County Council,representing several Lake District and coastal communities, blocked Government attempts to develop a subterranean geologic repository for long-lived radioactive waste.

Last week the Government launched the latestattempts by ministers to resurrect this process, with a new 897 page public consultation, Working with communities: implementing geological disposal.

Ministers have now decided backing “communities” with significant
multi-million pound financial incentives or compensation is the new

In the consultation document, local MP and energy minister
Richard Harrington wrote: “We believe the best way to select a site for a
geological disposal facility is in partnership with communities.”

The hundreds of miles of ‘affected communities along road and rail routes
from radioactive waste stores, to any centralised repository are being

Why does the Government believe people living in these communities
with multiple loads of radioactive materials coming past where they live
for many decades do not deserve significant financial compensation too?
Would Mr Harrington support Watford council inviting nuclear waste to the
area? If not, why is he encouraging others to endanger their own local


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