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Natalie Cromb The case for treaty

Natalie Cromb is a Gamilaraay writer and social justice advocate who lives in Sydney.’

‘One of the foundational principles of a treaty in Australia would need to be self-determination. Without communities in the driving seat of their futures, the gap will continue to widen.’

‘It is clear that, despite the symbolic Stolen Generations apology
and the campaign for constitutional recognition, structural change needs to occur to ensure Indigenous interests are at the forefront of governmental policies affecting Indigenous people.
And the best means with which to ensure that the above structures can occur is through a treaty where principles of sovereignty, self-determination, right to language and culture, and land rights can be enshrined and protected.

‘I support treaty. I hope non-Indigenous Australians join calls for treaties
so that we can approach the future as a united and mature nation,
well aware of our past and committed never to repeat it.’

Read more of Natalie Cromb‘s insightful, justice-oriented, comprehensive & well-researched article:

February 14, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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