Australian news, and some related international items

To 18th February – the week that has been , in Australian nuclear news

A thaw in North Korea’s attitude, with the Winter Olympics. Cynics dismiss this as propaganda, but it has obviously brought some calm to the situation in the two Koreas, and perhaps even changed the equation North Korea v USA.

The nuclear news this week has been dominated by the global problem of nuclear waste – what to do with it? France’s EDF proposes a  gigantic nuclear garbage pool.  Japan has a glut of plutonium wastes. America’s Hanford wastes cleanup will cost $111 billion.  The Swedish version of UK’s Radioactive Waste Management was rejected by Swedish Environment Court. Only now after 32 years, is Ukraine starting to remove the liquid nuclear wastes from the shattered Chernobyl reactor. Cumbrians are rejecting UK’s nuclear waste. The Australian government is quietly trying to bribe outback communities into hosting nuclear waste, with a deceptive tale about “medical needs” . As for Fukushima – don’t get me started.

Of course – none of the authorities in any of these countries has suggested the idea of stopping making  radioactive trash!


ICAN summary of the Peace Boat and Making Waves speaking tour..

The nuclear waste issue is simmering away, under the radar, with only a few outback towns getting very slanted and limited information from the National Radioactive Waste Management Project -(an arm of ANSTO and the nuclear lobby). National Radioactive Waste Management Project is deceiving local communities. The rest of Australia sleeps on. A Senate Committee is to examine the Selection Process for a dump site in South Australia, (could put  a spanner in the nuclear works) . We don’t know who is on this Committee. It will not report until 14 August, (by which time the site may well have been selected anyway). Kimba or Wallerberdina Station could be stuck with Stranded Radioactive Trash.

Nuclear waste dump? A new abuse for Brewarrina’s Aboriginal people?

“Standing Strong” – the No Dump Alliance releases a book on the successful campaign to block an international nuclear waste dump for South Australia.

The machinations of Australia’s military-industrial-nuclear complex macho men.

Julian Assange loses bid to have UK arrest warrant withdrawn .

Natalie Cromb The case for treaty with Aboriginal people. Wangan Jagalingou oppose Adani coal mine expansion – NO EXTINGUISHMENT OF NATIVE TITLE.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. South Australia a global leader in clean energy: Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). New South Wales Liberal Premier Berejiklian is approving a solar energy revolution.  And so much more – at


SOUTH AFRICA. Hopes that South Africa’s new president will scrap nuclear deal.

RUSSIA. Mayak area- Radiation levels last fall 1,000 times above normal. Residents of Russia’s Yaroslavl region got a “false’ radiation alert scareBlow to Russia’s nuclear marketing ambitions – other investors back out of Turkey nuclear build.

ALGERIA. The untold story of Algeria’s victims of French nuclear bomb tests.

CHINA. China again delays building Westinghouse-designed AP1000 nuclear reactor, because of safety worries.

PAKISTANNew types of nuclear weapons being developed by Pakistan.



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