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To Feb 19 these are all the published comments on ARPANSA’s site about Code for Radioactive Wastes

Amy Koch   I am from Kimba and I say NO!!
If there is no issue with this effecting our business then there is no reason that we can’t get a guaranteed from our industry representatives that our profitable farming business will not be effected by the proposed sight?
A clear indication of “Broad community support” is a must. Minister Canavan stated support of 65% was needed to go forward into phase two and yet he put kimba through with Only 57% there is a huge difference there. Clear guidelines needed!

Brett Burnard Stokes  I denounce the covert administration of radioactive poisons to pregnant Australian women and their children.

I demand that production of radioactive poisons cease and that the perpetrators of these poisonings be brought to justice.

I challenge the perpetrators to actually measure the effects of their covert administration of radioactive poisons to pregnant Australian women and their children.

I denounce the current use of junk science to justify these covert poisonings.

Anonymous    I am strongly against this and this whole process. It has made my Community divided, my family stressed and finally my decision to leave this town.

Anonymous  ATLA Adnymathana Traditional Lands Association voted unamiously against the Radioactive Waste Dump proposal at Wallerbedina in the Flinders Ranges.ANSTO ignored the Media release by ATLA in 2016

Anonymous  Particle accelerators are providing a cleaner (no highly radioactive, long lived waste) alternative to nuclear reactors for producing medical isotopes.Download PDF

Justine Major  There is no mention of the impact of this facility upon existing industries when undertaking site selection. I feel there needs to be an inclusion of a clause (perhaps at 3.1.29 of the Code) along the lines of “sufficient evidence is provided that the cohabitation of this facility with existing industries will have minimal negative impact on existing industries”. This evidence needs to be relevant to Australia, not international equivalents.

Denise Carpentermember of the Barndioota Consultative Committee. This Committee’s role is to help determine which is the best site for a National Radioactive Waste Dump.) I am confident, after a lot or research on the subject, that ARPANSA is a regulatory body that will ensure that world best practice procedures will be stringently followed and adhered to and I am happy for a repository to go ahead in our area.
ARPANSA’s stringent regulations will ensure safety is paramount both for nuclear storage and the wellbeing of everyone working or living in the vicinity.

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