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Nuclear waste canisters will themselves eventually become toxic radioactive trash

Paul Richards No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 20 Feb 18, Even if they were the to last not 4, 40, or world’s best practice type with the limited liability guarantee of a 100 years;

The canisters after any time period, create yet more nuclear waste, along with their toxic radioactive contents, that all have to be repackaged creating more nuclear material to be stored.

This process, of repackaging, whether it’s 4, 40, or a 100 years, goes on indefinitely.

To add another layer of complexity to this utterly illogical process, this waste grows exponentially over this indefinite timeline of essential care.

As nothing but steady decay into volatile, life-damaging radionuclides occurs, phasing from one type to the next. A process that literally is indefinite, unimaginable in human governance terms.  Even ‘if’ no nuclear waste and unspent fuel are created by the nuclear cycle, of mining, milling, rod construction and the reactor outcomes, including decommissioning reactors.

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