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A Labor government could revoke Adani’s licence for coal mine expansion

Adani mine licence could be revoked under Labor government, Geoff Cousins says Bill Shorten told him, ABC News 27 Feb 8

Businessman and environmentalist Geoff Cousins says Opposition Leader Bill Shorten told him that if Labor wins government it could revoke the Adani mine licence.

Mr Cousins, former president of the Australian Conservation Foundation, told 7.30 that Mr Shorten made the statement to him privately last month.

“The key statement was that, ‘When we are in government, if the evidence is as compelling as we presently believe it to be regarding the approval of the Adani mine, we will revoke the licence, as allowed in the act. That’s a clear policy’,” Mr Cousins said.

“He told me he intended to speak to his colleagues.”

He said the conversation took place when Mr Shorten asked him for advice about the environmental impact of the Adani mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Mr Cousins said he spent two days in north Queensland with Mr Shorten — at the Labor leader’s request — to discuss the matter.

“He said he wanted to learn as much as he could first hand about the mine and the impacts on the reef and climate change issues and so on,” Mr Cousins said.

“He said the reason he wanted to get that first-hand knowledge was because he was planning a firmer policy position on Adani.”

According to Mr Cousins, at the end of the two days Mr Shorten told him he would discuss the policy with his colleagues.

Mr Cousins said he was speaking out publicly to “increase the pressure” on Labor to make a decision.

“It’s pretty clear there is some kind of resistance in his party to him leading on this issue,” he said………

The Adani mine has been a major headache for Mr Shorten and the Labor Party.

In rural Queensland the party faces a very real electoral threat from One Nation and wants to be seen as offering jobs and economic growth.

But at the same time it is trying to appeal to voters in the inner-Melbourne electorate of Batman, which could fall to the Greens in a by-election in just over a fortnight.


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