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Which South Australian parties have the guts to say NO to the Federal nuclear waste dump plan? – theme for March 18

Is there some reason why the greedy nuclear lobby, the secretive agency ANSTO, and the weak Australian government all seem to think that it’s OK to transport nuclear reactor trash for thousands of km across the land, and dump it on agricultural land in South Australia?

Is it because they’ve decided that South Australia is already radioactively trashed, because the Australian government allowed the British to test 12 major nuclear weapons and hundreds of “minor” ones on Maralinga, S.A.?

It is some sort of weird payback because this State never had convicts dumped on them – so the dominant Eastern States want to put the South Australians in their place?

South Australia is  a beautiful place. It has never generated nuclear trash. Let the nuclear trash be kept, (as international conventions and best  practice dictate) near to the point of production – AT LUCAS HEIGHTS in Sydney. And then let Australia come to its senses and stop making the foul stuff.

This is NOT  a “Kimba” issue, not just a regional issue, – it’s certainly a STATE issue, and a NATIONAL issue.

Aware citizens in Australia are waiting to see if the South Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party, SA Best Party have the guts to join the Greens in saying NO to the Federal nuclear waste dump plan.


March 5, 2018 - Posted by | Christina themes, politics, South Australia

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