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Japan decides against a centralised waste dump plan for research reactors’ nuclear wastes

NRA drops consolidation initiative for unwanted nuclear fuel after butting heads with JAEA, Japan Times, 6 Mar 18, KYODO  

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has given up on its proposal to gather and store redundant nuclear material from throughout Japan at one common facility run by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, sources close to the matter said Saturday.

The watchdog had been discussing the idea with the state-backed JAEA but failed to reach a deal due largely to disagreements on cost, the sources said.

Most of the nuclear material targeted by the initiative is small quantities of fuel at around 1,200 universities, hospitals and other places. The owners of the material often try to get rid of it in order to avoid the accompanying safety and maintenance issues.…….

An NRA survey covering the 1,800 holders of relatively small amounts of nuclear material showed that 1,100 of them, or about 80 percent, hope to transfer the fuel elsewhere because they have no use for it.

About half of the 210 holders of larger amounts of fuel similarly said they did not plan to use the material in the future due partly to the introduction of potential substitutes.


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