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Don’t Let Frydenberg approve Yeelirrie uranium mine or extinction!


As Australians we all love our beautiful wildlife, the birds and animals that are unique to the land and sea that we share with them.

But our Federal Environment Minister is about to make a decision that would enable the extinction of multiple species at the stroke of a pen.

Soon, Minister Frydenberg will choose between a uranium mine and unique species found nowhere else on the planet. The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) warned the mine would cause extinction. Now it is up to Minister Frydenberg to make a decision.

Living underground, the wildlife under threat at Yeelirrie is very rarely seen. But our environmental laws are supposed to protect all creatures great and small.

If extinction is approved at Yeelirrie, it could open the door for extinctions of other wildlife all over Australia. Our possums, cockatoos, numbats and other endangered wildlife could be next.

CCWA and Traditional Owners have delayed a decision by challenging the Yeelirrie mine proposal in the WA Supreme Court, but time is running out and a decision could be made by Minister Frydenberg any day now.

We need to act quickly – and together – to prevent a dangerous precedent for extinction.

With so much at stake for our wildlife, we simply can’t allow the Minister to start approving extinctions at the stroke of a pen.

Send your message to Minister Frydenberg now, and tell him not to approve extinction.

March 7, 2018 - Posted by | ACTION

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