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A powerful statement of warning against a nuclear waste dump for Kimba, south Australia

Heather Pepper ABC North and West 21 Mar 18  Don’t listen to them ! Nuclear waste stored in farm land areas or underground water areas will not be safe. The radiation will leak and enter the food chain.

They intend to store this waste in metal barrels above ground until scientists can come up with a feasible way to store it underground.

Remember South Australia had a huge conference and committee over this very issue and at the end it was a resounding No!

This information is all available on the government website unless the liberals have removed it. It was very interesting and extremely frightening reading. Just remember also that this waste will be shipped across Australia from all the other states who point blank refuse to have it stored in their states either by rail, trucks and ships!

Our roads are already a disgrace and a death trap with many of these routes that they will take going through little farming towns , can you imagine the fallout if there was an accident? The aim of the federal government has always been for South Australia to take not only Australia’s waste but also the worlds waste but couldn’t push this through under a labor government but now no matter what we the people say about this matter it’s going to happen and Turnbull and co are laughing all the way to retirement!

This mess will be with South Australians for thousands of years as that’s how long it will take o naturalise the waste to a harmless waste. Boy if you thought SA was the joke of the country before wait till this becomes a reality.

March 21, 2018 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, South Australia

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