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Used nuclear fuel is a bit more dangerous than used chewing gum

Steve Dale , 26 Mar 18 I think nuclear lobbyists would like people to think that used nuclear fuel is like used chewing gum, that is, less less potent than when it went into the reactor. It’s quite the opposite in regards to toxicity/radioactivity. “Approximately one year after the fuel has been discharged from the reactor, the dose rate is around 1,000,000 mSv/h. This means that a lethal dose, about 5,000 mSv, is received in about 20 seconds. The dose is dominated completely by the contribution from gamma rays. The radiation declines with time, but the dose rate after 40 years, when the spent fuel is to be emplaced in the deep repository, is still as high as 65,000 mSv/h.” That is, 5 minutes for lethal dose. From the following document…/NCLCo…/_Public/29/015/29015601.pdf

March 25, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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