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Will Kimba area communities suffer the radioactive illness fate of St Louis, (Missouri) residents?

Paul Waldon Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA  March 31 

Four North county graduates from St Louis who lived near the nuclear waste dump that neighbours Cold-water Creek, started documenting how many of their peers were suffering serious illnesses after two friends were diagnosed with a “one in a million” rare cancer within months of each other. Their research first showed 30 cases, but two months later data they compiled showed 200 cases, then that grew to be 700 cases in a area of 7 square kilometers, some illnesses were,
62 Brain cancers.
27 Leukemia.
26 Lung cancers.
24 Multiple Sclerosis.
15 Lymphoma.
10 Pancreatic cancers.
3 Conjoined twins.
There have also been reports of the children of these peers less than 10 years of age having their thyroids removed.
A professor of statistics at North Western University has crunched the numbers and reported the likely-hood of this number of people having cancers, many which are rare in a clean environment this size is .00000001% which has been said to be a statistical improbability.
Will Hawker, Kimba and its neighbouring communities suffer from nuclear waste health issues which can be heightened by the lack of funding outside of Australia’s only High Grade Nuclear waste dump at Lucas Heights, the same installation that has had ongoing accidents on site and off site with transportation of radioactive material.

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