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What is needed? – Aboriginal empowerment and self-determination

Luke Pearson: The language of blame, responsibility and accountability
 Luke Pearson
Aboriginal people are over-represented in most of the negative statistics 
and under-represented in most of the positive ones.

‘This is the fundamental reality underpinning government programs like ‘Closing the Gap’.’

‘ … There is a clear interplay between the choices we make and the
policies and practices within the society we live.

‘Understanding this relationship is crucial to finding solutions for creating the kind of society we want to live in.
It is easy to say ‘do the crime, do the time’, but when people are ‘doing time’ for unpaid fines,
then there must also be some acknowledgement that we have effectively made poverty a crime.

‘Or when non-Aboriginal people are given less prison time (or none at all) for the death of Aboriginal people
than Aboriginal people are given for failure to pay fines, then we must
acknowledge that our system is fundamentally broken, and that
laying sole responsibility on the ‘choices’ of Aboriginal people
will do nothing to address these systemic problems. …

‘Why do we talk only of ‘Closing the Gap’ instead of Aboriginal empowerment or self-determination?’

Read more of Luke Pearson‘s insightful, relevant, important & comprehensive discussion:


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