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Applause for Aboriginal veterans in ANZAC Day march

‘The wreath laying event yesterday at the cenotaph of the WarMemorial caught us by surprise  when we realised that many of the older veterans of the modern wars stood still as we passed and  applauded our entourage. People should not underestimate what this meant in the long term.

‘This is a monumental shift,  because now these veterans will take this back to their tables and begin to ask the right question:  What is the Frontier Wars commemorative presence all about?

‘This is a turning point.’

Ghillar, MichaelAnderson, Convener – SovereignUnion 26 April 2018

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convener of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the
founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Leader of the Euahlayi Nation said from Canberra

The success of the 2018 Anzac Day Frontier Wars March in Canberra has given great affirmation
to the old adage that if you say it long enough and represent your message by physically making
your presence known, people do begin to ask questions and begin to search inwardly within
themselves about the truth of the message that we seek to get through to them. …

Our continuing sovereignty as First Nations is underpinned by our Law and culture that establishes
a continental wide ancient common law system that is connected nationally through our Dreaming
Songlines. This in turn gives rises to our claim of permanent sovereignty over all natural resources
and includes the airspace to the outer rim of the galaxy.

[ Indigenous peoples’ permanent sovereignty over natural resources Final report of the Special Rapporteur,
Erica-Irene A. Daes, E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/30 13 July 2004, PREVENTION OF DISCRIMINATION,
COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
Fifty-sixth session ]

Our Peoples should not be encouraged by fame or fortune to press forward with the State
governments’ eagerness to blind-side you by agreeing to negotiate domestic treaties, agreements
or contracts. Their abilities in wordmanship is usually far greater than ours and so the choice of
words and the construct of the text of treaties could, without you knowing, take away all that you
currently own.

First Nations Peoples should never let anyone tell them that the Crown took ownership in 1788.

Not true.

The Mabo (No.2) judgement confirms this. The Mabo (No.2) judgement gave recognition to a
colonial skeletal framework that is very brittle. This is why the full bench of the High Court in
Mabo (No.2) agreed that for them to maintain some degree of strength of this brittle framework of
the British assertion of sovereignty over Australia, they said at paragraph 43

43. However, recognition by our common law of the rights and interests in land of the indigenous
inhabitants of a settled colony would be precluded if the recognition were to fracture a skeletal
principle of our legal system. The proposition that the Crown became the beneficial owner of all
colonial land on first settlement has been supported by more than a disregard of indigenous rights
and interests. It is necessary to consider these other reasons for past disregard of indigenous rights
and interests and then to return to a consideration of the question whether and in what way our
contemporary common law recognizes such rights and interests in land.

[ Mabo v Queensland (No 2) [1992] HCA 23; (1992) 175 CLR 1 (3 June 1992) ]

It is therefore wrong for the Native Title lawyers around this country to be telling the Native Title
claimants that they should agree to a wholesale surrender of claims both now and in the future.
The surrender arrangements were built within John Howard’s Ten Point Plan strategy within the
1998 Native Title amendment. The Native Title Lawyers should NOT be persuading applicants
and claimants to agree to an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), that request two things of
the claimants:

Firstly, surrender all your future claims and title under your Law and culture to the British colonial
States as occupiers and the second thing they ask you to do is to approve that all future
development acts by Local, State and Commonwealth government are to be classified as ‘past
acts’, which ultimately takes away all your rights to negotiate in the future on any and all
developments, including mining.

The fact that these modern-day Uncle Toms and Aunt Marys succumb to the needs occupying
colonial powers and continue to lurk in the shadows of mainstream politics means they continue to
be dangerous in that they are unable to think Black or as First Nations person, where their mind
and their thinking should come from within their own culture and not as an assimilated educated
First Nations person, who thinks in the black letter laws of the occupier. Sadly, they have been so
inculcated with their occupiers’ mindset that they no longer possess the ability to think outside of
that, in particular, that of their own Law and customs, which, by the way, over shadows the black
letter law of the British occupying power, if you can read between the lines in the Mabo

Senior non-Aboriginal lawyers and counsel understand the fragile and brittle claims to power over
First Nations Peoples’ rights under our Law and culture. This is why they discriminate when they
discourage First Nations Peoples resolving that their Native Title claims are to be underpinned by
their pre-existing sovereignty under the continental common law of the Dreaming.

Furthermore, more this is why they also demand in a Native Title application that First Nations do
not claim ownership of the natural resources on and within their lands.

So those shadowy people, dressed up as a First Nation person, who continue to push treaty without
sovereignty and perpetual sovereign title to all natural resources on and within their lands, are
traitors to their own culture and People.

The Referendum Councils’ agents of the coloniser are being paid by the Commonwealth to coerce
and entice people into giving away everything to the oppressor occupying State by trying to
resurrect the Uluru Statement and promote First Nations Peoples inclusion in the Constitution of
Australia. These First Nations people, who accept salaries to illegally charm and trick our people,
need a lot of help to bring them out of a colonised traumatised mindset, which clearly
demonstrates that they suffer horribly from the Stockholm Syndrome.

I say to these people that if you enjoy your bank loans, IBA loans, your hire purchase deals to buy
vehicles and other goods, then enjoy them, but do not purport to represent a mindset of grassroots
peoples, who are dying in abject poverty, trauma, grief and loss and whom by way of survival are
imprisoned for being a dissenter or obstructionist, or one who by defying the authorities on and
within their lands, ends up in the oppressors’ prisons.

This, my assimilated friends, is tyranny and our Peoples are suffering because we, as First Nations,
are different. The criminalisation of difference and otherness must be stamped out.

If our assimilated fellows believe that constitutional recognition and inclusion can change these
circumstances and rid us of abject poverty and criminal proceedings being brought against our
People by mentally deranged legislators, who have no connection to this Country, emotionally,
spiritually or otherwise and that constitutional recognition will change all these things then please
identify how this can be done and achieved.

Let the Federal government do its own job. Let the Prime Minister, his Attorney-general and the
governing caucus of the Commonwealth come out to our Peoples on the ground and describe the
benefits that will flow if First Nations agree to placing before the Australian ppopulation a
referendum for First Nations Peoples inclusion in the constitution.

Our people do not need First Nations puppets to do the campaigns and sell a white man’s agenda.
Let the whiteman talk for himself. This includes Bill Shorten of the Opposition. He like PM
Turnbull can talk a lot but say nothing that is meaningful for our future well-being.

The Sovereign Union puts it to the people that constitutional recognition is total assimilation and I
put it to you that when they talk about benefits, they can only say to you: You will have the same
rights and privileges as all other Australians and be serviced with our prejudice.

I thought that is what we are meant to have now? If not, then we all need to know why we don’t
have the same benefits and rights as all others, or is all this about one thing – the taking away our

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