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Australia, France, in support of Iran nuclear deal

Emmanuel Macron, Malcolm Turnbull fear looming demise of Iran nuclear deal  Financial Review 1 May 18 by Andrew Tillett

Last-ditch efforts to prevent the Iran nuclear agreement from completely collapsing will feature in talks between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, amid the growing likelihood Donald Trump will ditch the deal.

Australia has expressed its support for retaining the agreement, which requires Iran to curtail the development of nuclear weapons in return for economic and diplomatic sanctions being lifted, in a rare split with the White House.

During Mr Turnbull’s recent European visit, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg both pressed upon him their concerns that Mr Trump will not certify the agreement by the May 12 deadline.

Both Ms Merkel and Mr Macron pushed Mr Trump not to abandon the agreement during their separate visits to Washington DC last week, with the French leader conceding he expected Mr Trump would cancel the deal because of US domestic politics.

A senior government source said Mr Turnbull would offer Mr Macron support for keeping the agreement alive when they meet in Sydney on Wednesday.

Mr Macron’s visit will be dominated by security and defence, including greater cooperation between Australia and France on development in the South Pacific to serve as a counterweight to China’s rise.

……Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Australia’s position was that the agreement – formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – should remain in place until such time as an alternative could be negotiated.

“I have made our views clear to the Trump administration and again during my recent discussion with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,” Ms Bishop told The Australian Financial Review.

“Our ongoing political support for the JCPOA is based on advice from the International Atomic Energy Agency that the deal is providing verifiable assurances on Iran’s nuclear program.

…..Lowy Institute non-resident fellow Anthony Bubalo said Australia was a peripheral player in the debate but Canberra would be “very conscious of any implications” a US withdrawal would have for negotiations with North Korea. Far from sending the “right message” to Kim Jong-un, it signalled to North Korea not to trust a deal struck with an US administration.

“It undermines efforts to strike a deal with North Korea,” he said.

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