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May 6 Energy News



¶ “Plugging in” • Hard though this might be to believe for those who live in Alaska, where the single-engine Super Cub aircraft of the last century remains a cherished form of transportation, the world of aviation appears on the cusp of an electric revolution. Battery-powered aircraft, already certified and flying in Australia, are coming. []

Eviation’s nine-seat commuter (Eviation photo)

¶ “As Winter Warms, Bears Can’t Sleep. Plus They Truly Are Getting Into Trouble.” • As climate change leads to warmer winters, American black bears are changing their hibernation routines. In some cases, bears are not hibernating at all, staying awake all winter. But with droughts, they might not find enough food in the wild. [Independent Recorder]

¶ “In India’s last electrified village: ‘Around 5-6 pm, bulb came on… That night, not one of us slept…'” • Villagers in Leisang in Manipur hope the…

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