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Facebook writer Holly Whittenbury questions University Lecturer on “low level wastes” bound for South Australia

Holly Whittenbury created a poll. No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 12 May 18 

If you could say anything to a senior lecturer at one of the state’s public Universities who declared the proposed nuclear waste facility in the state’s north will only be used to store smoke alarms and similar grade nuclear waste after their use, what would you say to him?
LIAR!! Get your facts straight

Zac Eagle Lies. It’s gonna store vitrified waste brought back from France which is classified high level in Europe and must be isolated from biosphere for hundreds of thousands of years and of course it’s gonna store the nuclear waste from Lucas Heights reactor and we must not forget the leaking barrels from Woomera.
All intermediate and high level waste.

Karrie Lannstrom Liar Liar Earth on Fire..Our nuclear waste dump will become the world’s nuclear waste dump..they been plotting it fir decades..and what about the used plutonium rods coming back from France..last time the first shipment was on a condemned boat…evil lying pro nuclear trying ti do a guilt trip in us with saying it only medical waste…NOT !!!!
Noel Wauchope It will store very very little, if any, medical wastes, as the vast majority of medical radioisotopes have very short half-lives – hours to a few days – no need for transporting 1700km to Kimba. Perhaps the biggest of ANSTO’s lies is the one about needing a rural South Australian radioactive waste dump as a MEDICAL NECESSITY.

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