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Racist work-for-the-dole scheme survives another budget 11 May 2018

‘The Abbott/Turnbull Government’s racially discriminatory remote work-for-the-dole scheme,
the Community Development Program, has survived another federal budget and
will continue to generate profit from the exploitation of Indigenous labour. …

‘Quotes attributable to
ACTU National Campaign Coordinator
Kara Keys:

‘“By standing by this program the Turnbull Government is declaring that they prefer
to create a system of indentured labour which exploits and
punishes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
over job creation and community development.’

‘“The fact that many workers in this program are working for organisations and
for-profit businesses in roles that would be paid anywhere else in the country
is an indication that Minister Scullion and the Turnbull government are once again
turning their back on Indigenous workers in favour of businesses and their profits
who are able to access a pool of free labour.’

‘“The Turnbull Government has monetised the exploitation of marginalised Indigenous communities
because it thinks there will be no political consequences. We are determined that there
will be severe consequences for this unconscionable conduct.’

‘“Minister Scullion needs to scrap this discriminatory program and
focus on the economic autonomy and the dignity of paid work in remote communities.
Anything other than the abolition of this program is unacceptable.”’

‘“We welcome the assurances of Minister Scullion’s office that under these changes there will be
‘significant protections to ensure penalties are only applied when they are warranted’ and
the implicit concession that many of the penalties handed out to date
have not met this lowest of all possible standards.’

Media contact: Peter Green
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