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To 26 May -nuclear, climate, environment news – Australia

Back to the brink, as Donald Trump cancels the North Korea-USA Summit? Optimistic commentators rattle on about how this could turn out better. It’s deeply disappointing for South Korea’s President Moon who has tried so hard to defuse the tensions. Trump has been a failure as a negotiator, – seems aimed at wrecking international agreements – climate, Iran, North Korea ….  Meanwhile, all nuclear powers, but America in particular are doing a feeding frenzy on nuclear weapons spending.  USA excels in illogic, with USA National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) plan for unsafe and unnecessary production of plutonium pits (nuclear weapons triggers), – of which they already have a glut.

Earth’s climate could increase by 4 °C, compared to pre-industrial levels, before the end of 21st century.

I just had to put “environment” in the headline today. Of course, everything is connected anyway, but – what’s happening to the world’s insects? There’s a dramatic decline in insect numbers, the world is losing species. Is it due to climate change?  Is it due to electromagnetic radiation causing disorientation in them?  5 G networks soon, Wow!  Oh heck – insects are only little. They don’t matter. OR DO THEY?


Will Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull cave in to USA pressure for Australia to join in USA efforts against Iran ?

Submissions to Senate Committee inquiring into process for selecting nuclear waste dump site:

Friends of the Earth debunk the propaganda of pro nuclear shill Ben Heard.

Adani’s desperate bid to sell Carmichael coal to Vietnam.


South Australian Liberals vow to continue energy transition, go big in batteries. EVs will fast-track Australia’s shift to 100% renewables.  UPC lands investor to advance huge wind, solar projects. Can the rooftop solar boom keep going?

RES plans 176MW solar and battery plant near Adelaide.    Tasmania’s biggest solar farm wins council approval .   Goldwind begins construction of 144MW Tasmania wind farm.    Carnegie raises $5.3 million for solar, battery, wave. Gupta says could build 10GW of large scale solar across Australia.  Unions support Liddell’s clean energy transition.

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