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A year on, the key goal of Uluru statement remains elusive

‘The statement is a proposal of constitutional reform that would establish
a constitutionally enshrined First Nations representative body to advise parliament
on policy affecting Indigenous peoples and
commit Australia to a process of truth-telling of its colonial history
through the establishment of a Makarrata commission.’

Calla Wahlquist
@callapilla 26 May 2018 

‘While politicians have been demeaning it,
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been having their own discussions.

‘The Uluru statement canvas, escorted by Uluru delegate and
Torres Strait man of Badhulgau and Kulkalaig heritage Thomas Mayor,
has traversed the northern half of the country and made its way down the east coast to Melbourne,
stopping in at community meetings, festivals, morning teas and business gatherings. …

‘It’s a slow, grassroots process, funded thanks to Mayor’s role as the
NT branch secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia
– although strictly it’s outside the union’s remit
– but the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘“I still have hope because I’ve been travelling around with the Uluru statement
and everywhere I go there’s more and more support,” he said.

‘“I see momentum building.
And when you explain to people how many similar moments of hope
there have been throughout our history and how we have continued to struggle,
and how this particular time we’re not going to take no for an answer,
and how this statement is just going to keep travelling until we get what we seek,
I think that we can get enough pressure there so that
those aspirations can be achieved.”

‘Other working groups have been convened across the country.
On Saturday the statement and Mayor will be in Turnbull’s Sydney harbourside electorate of Wentworth,
one of the wealthiest in Australia, for a door-knocking campaign aiming to convince people to
lobby their local member to change his mind.

‘They will also aim to counter misinformation about the proposal,
which Mayor said is easily done once people hear the true intent
behind the proposed reforms. … ‘

Read more of Calla’s extensive, thought-provoking & interesting article:


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