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We’re on the frontline defending our lands against Adani

We the leaders of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners.
We are the Traditional Owners of the land where  mining giant Adani want to build the Carmichael coal mine.

Our people have said no four times to a miserly land deal  offered by Adani in exchange for the destruction of our homelands.  We have been opposing Adani and holding them off since 2012.

‘Our resistance has nothing to do with dollars.  No amount of money or promises from a deceitful corporation  can stop us standing strong in defence of Wangan and Jagalingou  lands and waters and sacred sites.

But Adani are ruthless. They have used the dirtiest tactics to undermine  our right to say no, and manufacture a phony “Indigenous Land Use Agreement”.

Right now we’re fighting against Adani’s shoddy tactics and their sham “agreement” in court.
The judge could hand down a decision any day now.  But it won’t end there

Can you sign our petition to stand with us against Adani?

‘We are willing to fight Adani all the way to the High Court  to protect our environment and sacred sites.
We are working for a positive future for our people on our country.  We won’t stand by and watch its destruction for coal.

Adani are relentlessly pressuring the Queensland government  to clear our Native Title rights out of the way  — and as the clock ticks and Adani gets more desperate,  it will only intensify.
‘So we need to show Adani and our Governments that  they can’t fake or force our consent.

We have never given our consent to Adani to destroy our country,  and we never will.
Our land is our living law;  we are connected to it through our ancestors and our culture.  Without it we will cease to exist as a people.

‘Our people have been leading a courageous fight against a cashed-up mining giant with politicians in its pockets, and top end of town lawyers to argue away its collusion, bad faith and dishonesty.

We’re calling time on this. It’s time for Adani to walk away.

Sign our petition to tell Adani No means No. ‘Adani can’t keep bullying us, or pretending they have our consent.  Consent is written in our hearts and minds,  and the truth is we have said no. Time and again.. ‘And we shouldn’t have to keep saying it.
Adani haven’t been able to put money on the table for this project or even say when they’ll start digging.  They’ve given nothing to our people, or to the people of Queensland and Australia,  except a bunch of false promises. The smart money and honest commentators  know Adani’s Carmichael mine is going nowhere.

But still our rights are at extreme risk. The Queensland Government could yield to this corrupt polluting corporation and “legally” rip up our Native Title, just so they can say they have their final “approval”.

‘We continue to hold the line and have many tens of thousands of supporters in Australia
and around the world, but we need more. We need to build a more powerful movement,
standing in solidarity with us, to take on Adani’s wealth, political influence and dirty tricks

Sign our petition to support our fight against Adani.

We are in the fight of our lives. Adani have shown a relentless determination to  use unjust legal maneouvres to trample our rights. But this fight is bigger than Adani.  It’s about the rights that all Aboriginal people have to say no to dirty extractive industries  that profit from our traditional homelands. It’s about our right under international law  to be free from discrimination, and to choose our own economic future.

‘We have a vision for our people that’s sustainable.  We want economic independence, and to make a future on our country  that is respectful of the land and uplifting for our people.
We want to invest in solar energy and other new clean enterprises.  We don’t want scraps from a corrupt corporation looking to  profit from the permanent destruction of our culture, or meagre handouts  and low paid dirty jobs that require us to give up our human rights.

When we say No to Adani, we mean No. We hope you’ll stand with us.
‘Support our fight:

‘Adrian Burragubba, cultural leader and senior spokesperson with Murrawah Johnson, Youth spokesperson and Linda Bobongie, W&J Council Chairperson
for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council’

May 30, 2018 - Posted by | aboriginal issues, Queensland

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