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Aboriginal sovereignty – mere symbolism will never be accepted

Challenging the Great Divide in a David and Goliath struggle 
Sovereign Union – F
irst Nations Asserting Sovereignty, by Ghillar, Michael Anderson
 Jun 4th, 2018 

‘What is currently and actively going on without our Peoples’ full realisation
is the struggle between, on the one hand, grassroots Peoples and their leadership,
who are beginning to assert their pre-existing and continuing sovereign status
as linguistically based Nations, whose Countries are occupied
by the Australian/British colonialist administrators and, on the other hand,
the assimilated two-bob-mob conditioned by the colonised mindset
who are attempting to derail the sovereignty movement.

Only yesterday at Warmun, Turkey Creek, Kimberley Land Council
presenters were challenged by people asserting their sovereign position,
only to be told sovereignty was a ‘load of rubbish’ but this was
strongly refuted by Elders and the younger generations.
This situation at Warmun is developing fast.

‘The complex and grimy underbelly of Australia is gradually being exposed for the world to see.
Meanwhile in the international arena, diplomats under the instruction of the
executive Commonwealth government falsely pretend that Australia is an independent Nation.
The Australians sitting in the UN are there at the behest of Britain
and are mere puppets to the United States and Britain.

‘These puppets, in the guise of the Australian State,
hide the fact that there is a major struggle for sovereign title
to this island continent, now known as Australia, These colonial puppets
know they have no legitimacy while ever our sovereign First Nations continue
to exist and our Law if the Law of the Land, always was, always will be.

‘On this most recent journey to the Kimberley,
I was alerted to the very real fact of the enormous destruction and desecration
that is looming without our people knowing what is coming.

​​​’The WALKOUT from the corrupt Referendum process at Yullara and the statements we made clearly
had an impact upon the government sitting in Canberra, because they were forced to realise that there
was NOT a true consensus on the proposed constitutional inclusion. The actual ‘Uluru Statement’
must have sent shock waves that propelled the government to abandon its enthusiasm for a referendum.’It is now clear that, because of the WALKOUT, the government became aware that the
leadership for this Constitutional inclusion had failed, because the grassroots people
saw through the con and did not want to be included in a racist colonial constitution belonging to Britain.

‘The impact that the WALKOUT had on those present created a situation that scared the organisers,
who clearly lost the complete overview of their original intentions, which the government know of.
The final document that was concluded came completely out of left field and
the government realised mere symbolism was never going to be accepted. … 

‘During recent events in WA, the Kimberley Land Council appears on the surface to be pushing the interest
and barrow of the mining proponents on and within the lands of the First Nations Peoples,
whom they classify as their clients. In reality, there exists a major conflict of interest,
which arises because, on the one hand, the Kimberley Land Council and its agents are supposedly acting
in the best interest of their First Nations clients to win back rights to control their Country as
self-determining Peoples and they are paid by the Commonwealth government to carry out this task
on behalf of their clients.

‘But, on the other hand, when governments issue exploration licenses
and/or mining tenements the same lawyers then charge mining companies service fees
to get First Nations clients to consent for the mining proponents to have the right
to explore and mine the lands.

‘It is interesting to note that Kimberley Land Council staff and their agents such as the
Kimberley Regional Economic Development corporation (KRED) and KRED Legal
get dominant and thuggish community members to demand and force the Old People
to attend meetings on Native Title claims that they do NOT want, and to sit down
and talk to mining companies, who they do not want on their Country.

What makes this even more horrific is the fact that Kimberley Land Council and KRED Legal anthropologists
go uninvited to the homes and doors of the Elders, if they don’t attend the meetings
and try to con them by giving them sit-down money so they can get a signature of approval for exploration or mining.

‘The Warmun community, aka Turkey Creek, is presently under assault by KLC and its agents on a weekly basis.
I have seen it for myself and have listened to the Old People who say: ‘We do not want this.’ and
then complain that the agents for the mining proponents get people who have no authority to go out for
$300 per day under a program of look-see and clearing the land of any sites of cultural significance,
without the approval of the senior Elders.

‘What makes Native Title even worse, in the case of the Kimberley area, is that much of the land
is already defined as ‘Land Reserved for Aborigines only’ and held by WA Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT). …

‘This is tantamount to ‘exclusive possession’, but the Kimberley Land Council, KRED Legal and Arma
are demanding that the proper owners apply for a Native Title determination over these
old Aboriginal-owned pastoral leases and reserves. On analysis, the only motive for this is so that the
KLC and its agencies, such as KRED Legal and ARMA can get the Right To Negotiate (RTN) with
trillion dollar mining projects under the Native Title Act, where the owners can only be promised between 0.2% and 0.5%
and possibly some jobs for a selected few.
A Native Title determination will give them a lesser title to that of the Aboriginal Lands Trust title.
In this case what should be happening is a demand for the WA State government to transfer the Aboriginal Lands Trust lands
to the rightful owners and they do know who they are.
There are many other instances of this type of corruption.’
Such is the divisiveness of Native Title and colonialism. … ‘



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