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Kimberley Land Council (KLC and agencies)  wrong about Sovereignty

Ghillar, Michael Anderson 7 June 2018  ‘While the Kimberley Land Council (KLC) and the
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
convene the Native Title conference in Broome, hosted by the Yawuru People,
Anderson shines another light on the KLC and its agencies’ agenda.'”Since I’ve left Warmun the community has been bombarded by yet another Native Title meeting run by KLC agencies.
Again, Senior Elders were bullied to attend but they have reassured me proudly, ‘I didn’t sign anything.'”In their reliable report-back they joked about the way the KLC Legal advisor, Douglas D’Antione,
was telling them lies about sovereignty.

“He said that the only way to get sovereignty is by conquering and that you need
an army and navy to get sovereignty, like the English people did!!

“He then said that the second way to get sovereignty was for the owners just to say:
“OK, here. This is yours.”
At no time did he acknowledge that First Nations sovereignty is pre-existing
and continuing and is the basis of the continental common law.”

~ Ghillar, Michael Anderson

‘Having looked at the map of the Native Title applications’ areas and
then comparing those maps with the Kimberley tourist topographical map
being sold in stands in garages and newsagencies and information centres,
I realised that the KLC agencies are demanding the Peoples authority
to put a massive Native Title application over a vast area of land that
is already reserved under the WA State law as being set aside
exclusively for the use of Aborigines only.

‘I informed the people that they are about to, or have,
authorised a Native Title application to go over a massive area of land
that they already own through the Aboriginal Land Trust of Western Australia
and it is exclusively theirs, if their families came from these particular lands.

‘When I asked the people why they would authorise such a claim they all said
KLC agencies never informed them of this fact at all.

‘The KLC agencies fail to provide documents ahead of the meetings,
try to prevent independent legal advice and
do not give back copies of any papers the people may have signed,
or have been coerced to sign.

‘I am now informed that the people of Warmun and surrounding areas
have made a decision to dismiss the KLCKRED Legal and ARMAEHSIS
and other KLC agencies from having anything to do with their lands and waters.

‘They are understanding the KLC agencies plan to
take over negotiations to enable mining on their lands.

‘I am informed that the people are now gathering in significant numbers
and will inform the Federal Court that they no longer wish to
pursue the Native Title determinations, because as one of the
Senior Elders, Mr. Patrick Mung, has said with words to the effect:

“For too long we have been signing papers for KLC and its agencies 
and there are a lot of things going on on our lands, 
but look at us, we have nothing

“When we ask for royalty money they tell us there is not enough in the bucket. 
We don’t want these people any more. 
We joined KLC because they said we were being ripped off. 
But now we have just gone from one rip off to another.” … ‘

Read more of Ghillar’s comprehensive, well-researched, challenging media statement here:


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