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Philip Fels: a farming family saddened at community disruption, due to unwise Barndioota nuclear waste dump site selection

Philip Fels   Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia Submission 84

To the Senate standing committee on Economics, Regarding the proposed nuclear waste facility at Barndioota near Hawker S.A.

As a family which has lived and worked the land very near to the proposed nuclear waste facility for more than 130 yrs we are very strongly against this facility going ahead for some of the reasons which we will try and point out in the text following.

The site in question shouldn’t have been allowed to be nominated by a person or persons with out any consultation with people whom this may directly effect considering they have only owned the property for a short time and have never lived or worked on the property or are ever likely to.

The land in question is one of the most unstable areas in Australia and we have earth tremors weekly if not daily and the Wilkatana Fault runs right up through this area.

As the soil structure is very porous and their is no granite bedrock in this area seepage or leakage into the local underground water table and then ultimately Lake Torrens is a very real risk.

As well as sustainably farming Merino Sheep and beef cattle for a very long time we also have a successful tourism business which we have been running on the property for 50 yrs which we fear will be severely impacted.

Our biggest worry of this process is the detrimental effect it will have and is already having on the local community as a whole.

Along with my family we have never seen an event in this area cause so much angst and division in a once very proud close knit community which was the envy of many other communities.

 It saddens us greatly that somebody or bodies can come into a community for such a short time and cause such social stress which will only compound if this facility goes ahead.

Thank you if you took the time to read this and act on any of the concerns we have because they are real !!


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