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Nuclear enthusiast Matt Canavan keen to quickly wrap up waste dump site in Flinders Ranges

Resources Minister ‘hopeful’ in plans for nuclear power 

 There is a glimmer of hope Australia might one day see nuclear power in its energy mix.Resources Minister Matt Canavan is hitting the fast-forward button and wants the destination of Australia’s first nuclear site settled before the next election.

“I would be chuffed if we can find a solution, we’re very close, we have two communities in South Australia that have voted in favour of considering a site.

“In a couple of months time, they will vote again on whether to accept our detailed proposal.

“I’m quietly hopeful, but it’s now in the communities hands.

“If we can’t find a site for low-level waste… the idea that we build a full-blown nuclear power reactor’s probably a pipe-dream.”

He tells Ben the reason government hasn’t acted on nuclear is that Australia has such easy access to other resources.

“We have cheap coal or gas, or we have in the past… so we haven’t probably needed to look for the alternatives as much as some other countries have been forced to do.

“We are the world’s largest producers of uranium but we don’t have any nuclear power plants here.”

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