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Analysing the pro nuclear submissions about nuclear waste dump plan

Just started on this – but so far, the quality of these submissions is indeed markedly poorer than in the anti nuclear submissions. I have previously briefly summarised the first 4 pro nuclear submissions (all remarkably similar), and also the cleverly manipulative one from Ben Heard.

Pat Beinke (submission No.17) is very pleased with all the guest speakers,and very happy with the financial aspects (sycophantic in tone, no facts given)

David Schmidt (No.13) is  “comfortable and satisfied with the prospect of Kimba hosting a site for the proposed nuclear waste facility. After attending the many public meetings and information sessions and also visiting the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor sight I am completely satisfied that the waste repository poses no threats to our or any other community ”  ” a strong advocate in believing that only the District Council area should be able to vote on the establishment of a national radioactive waste facility at Kimba. This 100 ha facility will not impact on any other area”   (obsequious tone, no facts given).
Name Withheld ” broad community support is majority rules ” ” the Eyre Peninsula and wider state should not get any say/vote in the matter ” ” My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Lucas Heights, and all of our questions were answered thoroughly by experts and those who work with the waste. It would be nice to put the matter to rest, choose a site and build the facility now. ”  (No facts given)

Robyn Stewart. (No. 10) “Whenever I have spoken to people elsewhere, I have found that most people get the low level repository confused with the high level facility that the State Government held a citizen’s jury on. Therefore, I feel the wider community beyond our council boundary would not have the knowledge to make an informed decision.” (No facts given)

Frank Harris (No.24) (a bit more factual and detailed) spends some time touting his qualifications as a health physicist. States that the consultation is consistent with international best practice, quoting  Swedish Forsmark Repository. Waffles around the a question of “broad community support”.

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Government and media silence on nuclear waste dump decision – theme for July 18

Why the government and media silence about the planned National Radioactive Waste Dump, with a decision due on 20 August?    And why the rush?    Is it to get this abominable thing wound up before the next election?

Is this most unsuitable place for Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste chosen as the precursor – to reviving that failed 2016 dream of the nuclear lobby –  South Australia as the world’s nuclear toilet?

As both National and South Australian laws prohibit this, why are both Labor and Liberal State and Federal politicians shutting up about it?

It’s been left to just one politician, Senator Rex Patrick, (Centre Alliance Party) to do something – to instigate a Senate Inquiry, which , unfortunately, will report too late, 14 August , to have much influence. But, as its make-up is almost certainly predominantly Liberal and wishy washy Labor – the report will probably rubber-stamp the plan, anyway.

Australia does not need a centralised so-called “temporary” dump for its very small amounts of mostly very short-lived medical radioactive wastes. ANSTO should continue to store their nuclear reactor wastes at Lucas Heights, before their final burial.  Woomera radioactive wastes should be cleaed up and stored at Woomera. The Lucas Heights nuclear reactor should be shut down, and no more toxic radioactive trash created there. The “medical necessity” is rubbish. Non nuclear cyclotrons now produce all the required medical  radioisotopes.

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