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At Liberal National Party Convention, Turnbull will be urged to develop nuclear power, with popular Queensland coast sites recommended

Seaside gems eyed for nuclear power plants 
The Turnbull Government will be urged to consider developing a nuclear power industry under a plan to be debated at the LNP convention, with two of the potential locations being popular seaside areas in southeast Queensland.  July 5, 2018

THE Turnbull Government will be urged to consider developing a nuclear power industry under a plan to be debated at the LNP convention.

The controversial resolution, proposed by Fairfax MP Ted O’Brien’s branch, could lead to a plan for generators across the country if it is adopted by the party and then acted on by the government. The branch does not list possible sites for nuclear power plants in the resolution but urges the Federal Government to “consider the feasibility of nuclear powered energy generation in Australia”.

A 2007 Australia Institute study identified 17 suitable sites for nuclear power plants including six in Queensland — Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island.

That study chose locations using key criteria including existing electricity infrastructure, centres of demand, transport infrastructure and access to large quantities of water for cooling and warned setting up a nuclear industry in Australia could prove unpopular.

“If the Federal Government decided to promote the establishment of a nuclear power industry in Australia, the siting of the power plants is likely to be one of the most politically contentious issues,” the report said.

“In Australia, approximately half of the population opposes nuclear energy and two thirds say they would oppose a nuclear power plant in their local area.”

The Fairfax LNP branch has proposed three separate resolutions on energy policy to be debated at the convention, which starts in Brisbane on Friday. Other resolutions from the branch call on the government to “reduce the high level of subsidy paid to the renewable energy industry” and “support the building of new Coal Fired Power Stations that have the capacity to produce reliable and economic power”.

Resolutions that are adopted by the LNP convention are not binding on the government. Mr O’Brien could not be reached for comment

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