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Response to the pro nuclear submissions – an Aboriginal perspective

Jillian Marsh No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia 6 July     placing faith in ‘worlds best practice’ without fully understanding what this means or who peddles this propaganda seems such a naive thing in today’s world.

We as members of the public can easily locate information online that contradicts the spin doctors of the nuclear industry – not just on the basis of economic viability, but also on the grounds of lack of an adequate and thorough community engagement process, as well as on the failed track records of governments and the nuclear industry all over the world who consistently fail to contain toxic radioactive contamination. 

So I suspect that the YES people are being seduced by the prospect of wealth, both personal and collective, and for the non-Aboriginal folk out there who say YES to a dump, if it ends up being a disaster and contaminates the land you can just pack up and move onto another farm, buy a house in another town, send your kids to another school and move interstate.

The reality for Aboriginal people, especially Traditional Owners is quite different. we are spiritually, culturally, economically connected to our country and have been for hundreds of generations. that’s what we mean when we say we belong to this land, a concept that is difficult if not impossible for 4th generation settlers who came from (and still identify with) a European heritage.

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