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Dolores Wells: nuclear waste dump will save Kimba’s future: Shame on Vocal Anti-Nuclear Critics!

Dolores Wells. Submission to Senate standing committee on Economics Re – Proposed Radioactive Waste Management Facility

My husband and I lived, worked and began our family in Kimba over 45 years ago and we still regularly visit Kimba to stay with family on their farm at Cortlinye (north of Kimba). This farm has been in the family for 3 generations and is currently owned by our son-in-law and our daughter. Any decision to grant the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility to the Kimba district will not discourage or negatively affect our future visits to our family. I give my permission for this submission to be made public and would be available to speak with the Senate Committee to answer further questions on the Kimba processes with particular reference to:

a). the financial compensation offered to applicants for the acquisition of land under the Nominations of Land Guidelines.

I believe the financial compensation offered is not excessive and would be only a small percentage of future earnings from cropping and mixed farming and is in fact only a piece of an overall farm holding. No farmer would be a willing party to a perceived health risk for his family or future livelihood.

Over 45 years ago when my husband worked as Stock and station agent in Kimba it was a thriving country town and it is now in dire need of another industry to “drought proof” and ensure the continuation of this wonderful rural community. We have observed the trend of the small farmers struggling to survive (with the high cost of machinery, chemicals etc) and the larger farmers increasing their holdings while some smaller farmers are forced from their family homes.

b). how the need for ‘broad community support’ has played and and will continue to play a part in the process, including:

  1. the definition of ‘broad community support ‘ I believe broad community support has been demonstrated in this instance by ** The majority vote solicited through the Electoral Commission vote involving all local or invited vested interest registered voters ** Direct neighbour support from the two locally selected sites in the Kimba district
  2. ii) how ‘broad community support ‘ has been or will be determined for each process advancement stage; The status quo must remain to maintain the integrity of the process
  1. How any need for indigenous support has played and will continue to play a part in the process, including how indigenous support has been or will be determined for each process advancement stage;

Consultation with indigenous groups is an integral component of any new initiative in this state and it is my understanding in this instance that liaison with the Barngarla people has occurred, the recognised original custodians.

  1. whether and/or how the Government’s ‘community benefit program’ payments affect broad community and indigenous community sentiment;I see the ‘community benefit program’ and the resulting payments in similar light to mining company incentivising when they are considering new mining sites, political parties incentivising prior to elections and I feel reasonably confident that Kimba individuals and families would not be blinded by financial issues to the detriment of their own and their families present and future health and safety. They will only vote yes when they believe they are free from issues associated with radiation.

e). whether wider (Eyre Peninsular or state-wide) community views should be taken into consideration and, if so, how this is occurring or should be occurring; and

My husband and I currently reside in Adelaide and we wanted to offer our support to the Kimba community via this submission. However, we firmly believe that the residents of Kimba should be the sole decision makers on this issue and the result should be decided by a majority vote of over 50 percent (Continuing the integrity of the whole Kimba related process)

f). any other related matters

Media interest in the Kimba district appears biased and we read about and get deeply upset at the behaviour of a minority of people who manage to voice their opinions rather loudly. On our visits to see our family we see increasing tourist interests with admiring visitors loving the silo painting, the free R V park, beautiful sporting areas and other evidences of civic pride. The people who talk loudest are boycotting and not supporting local businesses and are negatively impacting on this wonderful little community and local businesses. Shame on them! I look forward to the findings on this Enquiry. Yours sincerely, Delores Wells

July 11, 2018 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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