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Ian Carpenter: nuclear waste dump would ensure survival of Hawker

Ian Carpenter. Submission to Senate Inquiry on Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia (Submission No.3)

I wish to make comments on the inquiry re the proposed nuclear repository in SA, in Hawker area more specifically.

As a long term resident of Hawker and having had two tourism businesses in Hawker, I am glad that the opportunity has arisen for Hawker to be considered as a location for a national repository

Re the land acquisition process. I am happy that this was well advertised and that the financial compensation for the area of land required is nominal and can’t be seen as an incentive for any landowner to offer part of their property.

I really can’t see why an Inquiry has been instigated as initially the community supported the idea and this was reflected in a ballot. Some of the local aboriginal people, the Adnymathanha, have voiced their opinions against it, but others have stated that they are in favour of it. Broad community support was established and heritage assessments, geological reports and cultural beliefs are all being taken into consideration.

The community benefit program has been embraced by people both for and against the repository as it has been seen as an opportunity to acquire financial assistance to enhance the services/businesses and employment opportunities in our area. I don’t believe people are ‘shallow enough’ to let this program influence their thoughts on the repository.

State or Australia wide community views should not be considered as the location of the repository will have no affect on their wellbeing, businesses or lifestyle.

We currently have a nuclear reactor operating at Lucas Heights and this has not deterred people from living and working there. In fact it has proven a tourist and financial attraction to them. There are uranium mines operating in SA. One of these, Beverly, is in our area and an in-situ leaching method is being used for extraction, which involves the injection of sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, which is trucked in, and then the concentrate is trucked to Port Adelaide for shipping. There are no objections to this mining operation, so I cannot see any negatives in having a world best practise waste repository established here. The proposed site is remote to our town, is not visible from any recognised roads and will offer employment both onsite and for Hawker and Quorn businesses.

I trust that common sense will prevail and people who are currently vocal against the proposal seek more information, which is freely and widely available, to give them a better understanding on the benefits and safety measures in place.

The benefits for our towns and surrounding areas are obvious and far outweigh the negative suggestions being mooted by some people. This repository would ensure our towns survival and it is my understanding that such a repository will not affect the application for a World Heritage Listing in our area.

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