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Cameron Scott – Kimba Consultative Committee rigged to justify “broad community support” for nuclear waste dump

Cameron Scott, Supplementary submission for the senate inquiry into the national radioactive waste facility siting process, Senate Standing Committees on Economics

Since my previous submission I have been trying to gain more information from CSIRO about the Waste and Storage Facility at Woomera. I have also asked them for their expert opinion on aspects of the facility using their international experience in Nuclear Facilities and processes. I have had direct contact with a Senior Principle Research Scientist at CSIRO who had previously presented to us when our Agricultural group went on a tour to ANSTO. During this Ag trip he told me that he would try and get me a tour of Woomera, since returning despite his efforts he was unable to gain access to the Woomera facility. He had been very forthcoming with his expert opinion and information until I was using the information he had giving me to question certain issues with the Department.

I have now been advised that if I want further information from CSIRO I will need to go directly to the Department of Industry Innovation and Science or via the Kimba Consultative Committee. It seems  that the only expert opinions we are allowed to have are those who read off the Department script.

I would like to take this opportunity to recall a conversation I had with Bruce Wilson on this same Ag trip where he assured us that the Kimba Consultative Committee would be made up of people with equal numbers for and against the facility. After my recent conversations with CSIRO I am concerned that the international models which this KCC is based on, in countries such as Belgium the community committee were used in reporting community consent ie unanimous community support actually meant unanimous consultative committee support. I have always thought the Government had rigged this committee for a reason and I am very worried it will be used in reporting to justify broad community support.

July 16, 2018 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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