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Lavene Ngatokorua Lifetime Achievement Award winner spoke out against nuclear waste dump plan

Tim Bickmore No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 18 July 18

Lavene has spoken strongly against the nuke dump. Here is part of what she told the Senate Committee in Hawker earlier this month:

“When they had those cultural monitors out there—I will talk really quickly of the cultural monitors that went out there—I wouldn’t participate in it, but I was out there when the ground shook four times in that one week that we were there. I watched two of my cousins. They were at that meeting of the 20th saying, ‘Yeah, go for it,’ but, when they came back after the ground shook, they were singing out to their great-grandparents for help because they thought that they had done something wrong, that they shouldn’t have been out there, that the land was speaking to them. It’s really hard to understand. People might think that’s a whole lot of rubbish, but they were mentally and physically distraught because of what had taken place. That sound out there was like a road train coming through, and they felt that they had messed up just by being present there in looking at the land.”

Lavene Ngatokorua wins Lifetime Achievement Award, Transcontinental Marco Balsamo 17 July 18 Because of her, we can!


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