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If anything goes wrong with the nuclear dump, will Kimba be held responsible?

Kimba for sale  Eyre Peninsula Tribune, JAMES SHEPHERDSON, Kimba, 26 July 18

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have always presumed there to be a general consensus that if one is being paid in any form, one must surely have an item or product for sale.

For instance, if one grows and sells a tonne of grain, one would expect to be paid.

Also, the buyer of that grain expects to receive exactly what they have paid for.

When it comes to the proposed national radioactive waste repository, we may well ask ourselves the question ‘what is this federal government encouraging us to sell?’

Are we selling our future rights to hold the federal government to account should any negative impacts of this facility come to fruition? By receiving payment are we accepting responsibility on behalf of the government?

If this facility were to be here, there is no doubt that if any event led to the government and associated authorities being questioned, we or our descendants will promptly be reminded of the voluntary process and of our willingness to host it.

When financial prosperity becomes such a priority to a point where potential consequences are ignored, one must ask the question, is there anything or anyone not for sale?


July 27, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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